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Ivy Rivera

setting budget for business

Setting Budget For Your Business

This Monday morning tip is about the importance of budgeting.  Now, the reason why I thought about doing a tip on budgeting is because tonight, the Australian federal government are releasing the budget. Now this happens every year and you know every year it is very important that we pay attention to the budget this year, especially because we have come out of one of… Read More »Setting Budget For Your Business

eofy checklist

Get Your EOFY Checklist

Monday morning tip time again. This one again is in our series for the end of the financial year.   The reason why I’m doing this tip today is because this week has been a bit of a challenge for somebody I know whose accountants are chasing them for  a lot  of information for the 2020 tax return.   Now you might go like it’s… Read More »Get Your EOFY Checklist

bookkeeping mistake

Avoid These Bookkeeping Mistakes If You Are In The Building Industry

Monday morning tip time and again in this series for end of financial year preparation. This tip is about mistakes you can make and how to avoid them if you are in the building industry. Now, you builders out there, you’re so busy organising trades, dealing with your customers,  applying for permits & insurances, you might just be forgetting a few very important things that need to be… Read More »Avoid These Bookkeeping Mistakes If You Are In The Building Industry

When Should I Hire a Bookkeeper?

When Should I Hire a Bookkeeper?

NOW!!!!! No seriously…….. NOW!!!! Its actually never too early to hire a bookkeeper – my suggestion is always BEFORE a business begins.. That way you get yourself SET UP FOR SUCCESS. Sometimes a business goes through the motion of ticking all the boxes with opening their trading doors, then after a few weeks, or (shame on you) after several months, scrambles around trying to hire… Read More »When Should I Hire a Bookkeeper?