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Get Your EOFY Checklist

eofy checklist

Monday morning tip time again. This one again is in our series for the end of the financial year.


The reason why I’m doing this tip today is because this week has been a bit of a challenge for somebody I know whose accountants are chasing them for  a lot  of information for the 2020 tax return.


Now you might go like it’s nearly EOFY 2021, however you may not be aware, companies don’t do their tax returns until generally March, April or May of the following year. AND If you haven’t kept good records, kept good notes, if your bookkeeper hasn’t recorded accurate work papers, these queries can bring a lot of stress.


So today’s tip is get yourself a great End Of Financial Year (EOFY) checklist. Things like reminders for Stocktakes.  If you are a business that carries stock then this is very important.  Aged Payables, and Aged Receivables reports, Single Touch Payroll end of year finalisation, just to name a few


eofy checklist


So you might go, “I don’t know what any of these things are.” Well, your bookkeeper knows what these things are. If you don’t have a bookkeeper, bear in mind, you can contact us here at Flexible Bookkeeping Solutions, and we can absolutely help you with everything that you need for preparing for End Of Financial Year


But if you’re trying to do things on your own, and I know a lot of people try to do that, you can absolutely contact us or click on the link that I’m going to provide here for a copy of our End of Financial Year checklist.


It is a  nice simple little list of all the things that you will need to have checked off for June 30 and that will make life a little bit easier for you and give you a lot of relief knowing that when the time comes, you’ll have all that information on hand. So, again, check out our website. We may even have it on the bio through the Instagram page and this is going to be called — an End Financial Year checklist.  So get yourself a copy.


Download your FREE EOFY Checklist here.


And if you have any questions around all the stuff and things that you need to do before June 30 and some things that you actually can’t do before June 30, but you have to do just after, let us know and we will be happy to see you in the right direction. 


Have a wonderful day.